Interview with Patrick D'souza discussing the recent CMAT exam (Sep. 2012) !!!


Patrick D’souza, an excellent faculty teaching students preparing for the MBA entrance exams took the CMAT exam this year on the first day. An interview with him was arranged and we asked him a few questions. We are sure this interview will benefit those taking the CMAT.


Our correspondent (OC) : Hello Sir. Thank you for spending time with us.

Patrick: Hello. My pleasure

OC: How was the CMAT as compared to last year?

Patrick: The paper was comparatively LENGTHY. The LOGIC & VERBAL sections were particularly lengthy.

OC: What was the difficulty level?

Patrick: The paper was easy. The GK section, however was of moderate difficulty level. Students who read newspapers regularly will find it doable.

OR: What was your strategy?

Patrick: (smiling) My strategy was to finish Quant first, give time to the logic and verbal sections. GK was for the end and the leftover time was for those questions that were unattempted.

OR: What did the GK section consist of?

Patrick: Mix of Questions, CURRENT affairs and statisticsmany questions on National affairs but all some on international.

OR: Which section should the student attempt first?

Patrick: Always attempt your strongest section first. Do what makes you comfortable. This will be act as a psychological boost and you will be motivated.

OR: Any changes in format?

Patrick: None really. No surprises (smiling)

OR: How many questions should the students attempt in each section to ensure good marks?

Patrick: (smiling) I would say IDEALLY ALL,you must attempt ENOUGH TO SCORE 300 MARKS

OR: Which section was the most scoring one?

Patrick: In my paper, Quant was scoring.

OR: How was the testing tool (software) performance?

Patrick: No problems. It was good and smooth.

OR: How many questions could the student see at once?

Patrick: Only one question at a time.

OR: Was there sectional time-outs?

Patrick: No.

OR: Could the students go back and answer unattempted questions?

Patrick: Yes

OR: Your centre faced technical problems due to which the exam was delayed by 2 hrs& 15 mins. How did you utilize the free time?

Patrick: I just rested and relaxed

OR: What are your tips to students in case they face similar issues?

Patrick: Don’t worry. Just relax and try to get some rest. I carry some snacks with me. You could do the same. Don’t get hassled and relax.

OR: Thank you Sir for your inputs. Any last minute tip?

Patrick: Believe in yourself and do your best. Just relax. All the best.