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Navya (IIM L)

I enrolled at Quoin Academy for my GD/PI classes.

Quoin Academy is exceptional in its approach to train students and is certainly different from the usual rhetoric. The mentors, Patrick Sir and Rochelle Ma'am are highly experienced faculty and their perspectives on varied topics have helped me to strengthen my factual knowledge. Their constant efforts to help us frame our answers for the SOP questions which is unique to every B-School, numerous case discussions, GD and the mock interviews played a crucial part in the selection process. Their classes are always interesting as there is healthy competition and the environment is very conducive for learning.

To have teachers who guide students to the best of their potential is priceless. I am really thankful for all the guidance I received at Quoin as they were instrumental in bringing out the best out of me.

Hence, thinking about career in management, Quoin Academy is the BEST! 

Jheelam Ghosh (IIM Indore)

My experience with quoin academy was awesome. I had first enrolled in 2014. My score jumped from mere 76%tile to 91%tile. Sir and Mam were instrumental in boosting my long lost confidence. Although I managed a decent percentile, I didn't get calls from tier1 colleges. So I decided to retake CAT in 2015. This time I had relocated to a different city. Sir and Mam took lectures over Skype. They went an extra mile to ensure my preparation was upto the mark. I distinctly remember I was totally unprepared for GDPI. Mam actually sat down with me and sorted out everything. Finally, 95%tile and IIM Indore convert. It has been on hell of a journey. Thank you so much Sir and Mam for all your efforts.

Sarika Bishnoi (IIM Indore)

I joined Quoin Academy for my GD/PI preparations. Though I was associated with the academy for a very short time, I learnt a lot. The class timings were also very flexible. Sir and Ma'am were very prompt in answering our queries. Patrick Sir always encouraged us to be completely honest in our endeavors. Sir and Ma'am even took Skype interviews to help me prepare for my interviews. The academy played a key role in converting my call. I am sure that Quoin Academy will continue to help others in their journey as much as it has helped me.

Sandesh Patil (IIM Raipur)

Quoin academy has played an important role in realizing my aspiration to study in one of the premier b-schools of India. Patrick Sir and Rochelle ma'am are exceptional mentors who instilled confidence in me. It was because of their guidance that I could achieve my goals. It is amusing to see the personal efforts they take for every student.

Quoin Academy is highly recommended for acquiring the knowledge required for various competitive exams and to develop interpersonal skills.

Thanks for the efforts taken for me. My association with the academy will be lifelong.

Aakash Agarwal (XLRI)

"Without an iota of doubt, I would say that the mentoring and tutelage received at Quoin Academy is one of the best I have received so far.

The whole training experience was unique. The mock group discussions included in-depth view on topics from different perspectives which not only helped in broadening the knowledge, but also helped in improving the power of thinking by notches. Similarly, the mock interviews were conducted in a way to prepare you for different scenarios that may turn up on the D-day. The cornerstone of the whole training was that not all information was given on a platter, which forced us to work hard and be ready for the stages ahead. This improved our knowledge which got refined further during the sessions conducted by Patrick Sir & Rochelle Ma'am.

The best part about the training was the personalized attention that was given which benefited me immensely in building the required skills in such a short span of time. Sir and Ma'am forced me to look within and recognize my potential in order to grow to be a better and a more informed individual. The whole training was more towards holistic development. Their continuous faith on me was a boon to me.

I can never thank them enough for their valuable guidance. I owe my success to them."

Malavika Mulay (XLRI)

Dear Rochelle Mam and Sir,

XL HR was just impossible without your support and guidance. The matrix for MBA was completely different from CA or from any other regular course, so to say. It was only because of sir, who taught how to leave the questions and how to solve the sums for DI orally and mam, for her English training and techniques to find the right answer, all the thought process for GD, preparations for PI, checking all the last minute answers submitted by us, that we got revised many many times till the final submission was done and all the moral support. What you told us, was more about our self which we dint know or may be we never explored. Your passion for teaching, caring for all the students, and detail info and interest in each and every student is just amazing. I have learned many such small and big things from you both. The most important thing, that I take away is the attitude/perspective to look a particular thing/event and also at life by and large.
Thanks for all the guidance and support. I will be in touch always……

Achlansh B  (JBIMS)

I joined quoin test series 1 week before actual CET, they were a bit difficult than the other test series available but it was one of the best decisions i took before CET. Verbal questions were outstanding. The level was on a par with actual CET. Test series of quoin was difficult than all the other mocks but then so was the paper. I was totally comfortable with the CET on the day since i was completely in the flow because of quoin test series, it helped me prepare for the worst and I wasn't completely taken aback by the tougher CET this time, as quoin tests had prepared me well for the same. Thank you.

Prateek Hemdev (MDI)

I Joined Quoin Academy personalized online CAT Preparation program and I must say this was the best decision that I had taken. The Unique methods in Quants by using logical eliminations by Patrick Sir proved useful in increasing speed and accuracy. However the greatest contribution in the conversion of the MDI Call was the constant feedback on Essay writing by Rochelle Mam and Mock interviews by Patrick Sir which helped making answers acceptable to the interviewer. I owe a great part of my success to Quoin academy. Thank you So much.

Anurag Tibdewal (MDI)

I am extremely thankful to Rochelle Ma’am and Patrick Sir for the support and learning that I have undergone at Quoin Academy.

The amount of personal attention and effort put by you two on each student sets Quoin above others. I would definitely recommend Quoin to all especially for GD-PI preparation.

Mock GD and PI were excellent learning platforms where I could identify my weaknesses and work upon them. I particularly liked the way all the sessions started with a small discussion on current happenings around the world where everyone would get a chance to pitch in their points. A two hour session always easily extended into a two and a half or a three hour session with always more to discuss.

Thank you to Quoin for the support.

Hope to keep in touch with Quoin!

Niraj Nawghare (NITIE)

Even though no words can do justice to describe what Quoin academy does for their students.

"Patrick sir and Rochelle Ma'am make you realize your potential. They make you scale the mountains which you could just dream of. The personalized attention is the best part. The relationship keeps on getting stronger every time. Lucky to have such mentors. 

Patrick sir is extremely humble and have the unique style of teaching. Rochelle ma'am always keeps you connected, and is a constant source of encouragement. Together they make Quoin Academy a perfect destination for your MBA journey"

Thank you Sir and Ma'am. Keep showering your blessings

Hitesh Salian (Weligkar)

My experience at Quoin Academy was wonderful. I carefully chose this over the others for its lack of commercialization in the MBA coaching sector. Here, I received personalized attention and guidance from my mentors, Patrick sir and Rochelle ma'am. Also, the lesser batch size acted as an advantage. Weekly tests and 24x7 connectivity with students via whatsapp / phone calls, helped me with my doubt solving. Apart from the studies, i learnt about some life hacks and professionalism (the way you sit, speak and others) which helped me in my GDPI. A wave of confidence was instilled in me by Rochelle ma'am which helped me score marks which otherwise would have been impossible. I highly recommend Quoin Academy for a complete transformation that it provides. I dedicate my small success (and upcoming achievements in the long run) to Quoin Academy. All the best for your future and keep shaping individuals :)

Dinesh Rizhwani (IIM A)

"Patrick is a genius when it comes to cracking MBA entrance. He goes about guiding you, teaching you in a humble, mild mannered way which defies his skills. He was available all along my way to IIM Ahmedabad, be it personal skill development, specific preparation for all the colleges or whenever I was confused on a decision. He is a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to what has worked and what hasn't worked in the past. Quoin academy is highly recommended, both for the depth of experience in MBA coaching as well as the personal efforts they put behind every student"

Akshay Naik (IIM B)

I joined Quoin academy for the CAT preparation and for GD PI. From the unique shortcuts in Quant and DI to the logical eliminations of options in Verbal, Patrick sir and Rochelle madam's ever so popular techniques proved extremely helpful in all the exams. However the greatest contribution in the conversion of IIM B call has been the constant push for improvement in writing the SOP and preparation of answers for PI. Two diverse views on certain aspects of SOP and PI were of great help in making the answers acceptable for any interviewer. Last but not the least, the very amicable admin staff which I think is the direct result of Sir's nature makes you want to come to class and study even when you don't have lectures. I owe the success to Quoin academy with all my heart.

Prasang Jais (IIM A)

Being a medical student, it was a challenging CAT journey for me and the Quoin academy was an integral part of it. The personalized attention by Patrick Sir helped me great deal in the preparation and in refining and structuring my thinking. Also I found the Quoin test series very balanced and it almost covered all the possibilities in contrast to other classes which were more of the reflection of past and did not prepare students for any new surprises. The learning atmosphere in Quoin academy is also very positive mostly because Patrick Sir is easily approachable and you can go to him for any doubt at any point of time.

Maurya C Patnaik (IIM A)

 I had attended the GD/PI process at other institutes before being referred to Quoin. The personalized attention from all tutors during mock GDs, an individual grading system, feedback and analysis of each member's strength and weaknesses and most of all, Patrick Sir's strategies and dos and don'ts, were some of the key differentiating factors that really impressed me. Yet another dimension was the careful evaluation of personal and technical questions and the general knowledge sessions that have continued to assist me long after the admission process (where I got through 4 IIMs including IIM-A), even during my placement process.

Jai Tiwari (IIM C)

 I believe that to do well in Group Discussions and interviews, apart from loads of practice one needs constant attention and guidance from someone who has expertise in it and has himself gone through this phase. During my preparation I found Quoin Academy having the right balance of all the above mentioned qualities. The constant guidance provided by the Patrick sir and the regular practice sessions organized here prepared me well to show my best on D-days.

Subodh Komte (IIM I)

The Quoin Academy has lived up to its objective to deliver the best every time to each student. The course materials designed were of a very high standard, prepared by the experts of the field.It was very useful and informative. My doubts were cleared at every step by the faculty, no matter how small and negligible those were. Initially I was not interested in joining Quoin academy. But after having attended the workshop for shortcuts in DI,Quant & VA. I could not resist being part of it. The Motivation, guidance, personal feedback and special lectures on short cut methods by Patrick Sir and Rochelle Mam were really worthful. I remember Patrick Sir's words "one needs to innovate and modify one's strategy to bring out their optimum best" which really helped me to crack CAT and getting into IIM. All in all I was very happy with all the assistance I was given and would recommend Quoin Academy to all the prospective students planning to crack MBA entrance exams.
Mam and Sir Thank u so much.

Sonal Gawade (IIM I)

I first heard of Patrick Sir through a friend who was also preparing for MBA entrance. I joined the Thane branch of Quoin Academy where Rochelle Ma'am conducted her sessions. Her constant feedback and the personal attention provided by her as well as Sir was very critical. Their coaching extended to helping their students discover their potential. I can never thank them enough for their valuable guidance.

Sandesh Bhot (IIM I)

The best thing about this institute is that every student receives personal attention. So I could discuss my weakness and thus get their help to improve on it. My sincere thanks to Quoin Academy.


Sagar Patil (JBIMS 2011-13)

With only 120 seats in JBIMS, one cannot afford to relax ..... I joined Quoin academy  .....  and I thank all my friends who suggested me to join this academy. Patrick sir, being a Bajajite himself, has the experience and knowledge to help one overcome the final hurdle. ...... The fact that most of the students who eventually make it to JBIMS come from Quoin speaks for itself about the academy.

Vishal Yadav (JBIMS 2011-13)

 The coaching given by Quoin Academy is excellent. Chapter-wise test which were conducted after every topic were of great help to me. The mocks also gave me a lot of practise. The various mock GD/PIs helped me build my public speaking skills. I sincerely thanks Patrick Sir, Rochelle Maam and all the members of Quoin Academy.

Rohan Agrawal (JBIMS 2011-13)

Even though I was preparing for CET for quite some time, I felt that something was missing in my preparation. Then, when I found out about Quoin Academy and their tryst with success in the various entrance exams, I knew this was the place I had to be in. I joined the test series in the month of December, when my preparation for CET was in full swing. The tests at Quoin were designed in such a way that they enabled me to tackle the largely unconventional CET-2011 paper. The detailed analysis and solutions provided after each test were very helpful in understanding some of the tricky questions which Patrick Sir threw at us. I was able to strengthen my positives and do away with my negatives. Also at Quoin, we were encouraged to discuss and analyse the tests amongst ourselves so that each one of us got different approaches for particular type of questions. I am extremely grateful to Patrick Sir and Quoin Academy for the guidance and support they extended to me throughout my preparation.

Janardhan Wagh (JBIMS 2011-13)

Topic wise tests and full length tests in test series were true replication of management exams, innovative approach to solutions and explanations of concepts helped me to make my base stronger. Personal guidance in special workshops had helped me to identify my test taking strategies and strong and weak areas in sections. I liked the solving without pen approach and speed techniques to solve questions. Because of this test series, I could crack CET. Thank you Quion Academy.

Kamlesh Asrani (JBIMS 2011-13)

Patrick Sir and Rochelle Maam’s methodology and keen analysis of the mocks helps you understand your weaknesses, build your knowledge and have that confidence. The quality of the students that you interact with here is really good and that adds to your learning.

Dipali Pingale

To tell something about Quoin Academy....The test pattern of CET test series was very good. It comprises of both difficult and easy papers. I found that the schedule for test series was going well along with the preparation. Got very good support from staff and sir for GDPI. GDPI tactics were unique and useful. So I would like to thank to everyone in Quoin Academy.

Anoop Kalothia (JBIMS 2011-13)

I sincerely appreciate the flexibility of teaching and customized guidance that Quoin Academy provided to me. I was able to concentrate on my strengths and do away with my weaknesses.
I am extremely grateful to both Patrick sir and Rochelle maam for the guidance and support that has been given to me throughout my preparations for CET.

Sai Gadkari (JBIMS 2011-13)

It was always a dream to get into one of the top B-Schools ........ One of my friends in JB asked me to join Quoin Academy  .....  And I am glad that I got into the right place at the right time.... Patrick Sir’s mentorship helped me identify my strengths and weakness. ...... I’ll take this opportunity to thank Patrick Sir and Quoin Academy for helping me realize my potential and fulfill my dream.

Ajinkya Kamble (JBIMS 2011-13)

If I have to attribute my success of getting into JBIMS (converting call to TISS) to one single factor, it will undoubtedly be the association with Quoin Academy. The input and Support that I received was nothing short of extraordinary.

Omkar Moye (JBIMS 2011-13)

Quoin Academy ..... The individual attention that I received and the quality of fellow batchmates are unmatched .... I have and would always recommend Quoin Academy to any MBA aspirant

Swanand Rajput (JBIMS 2011-13)

A unique thing about Quoin Academy test series was that it had papers of diferent difficulty levels which not only gave the confidence but was also helpful while solving the final paper.

Roshan Dandge (JBIMS 2011-13)

The test papers at Quoin Academy helped me be prepared for all types of papers which helped esp. this year's CET being among the tougher ones. I also want to thank you for the GD/PI sessions as they were very effective & will definitely help me in the long run.

Mandar Shirodkar

It had always been my dream to get into top B-school and JBIMS being one of them. Thanks to patrick sir i could achieve that. ..... training at Quoin Academy is very comprehensive. Patrick sirs indepth analysis and feedback ....... helped me a lot to improve on my weakness.

Pramod Hol (JBIMS 2011-13)

Personal Attention is the USP of Quoin academy......  I must give my special regards to Rochelle maam for providing me with valuable inputs .....

Ankit Agarwal (JBIMS 2011-13)

I had joined Quoin ...... and I got to admit that the learnings I gathered from this course were immense.
Thanks to Patrick Sir and Rochelle Maam who helped me achieve my dream, in every possible way.

Gautam Iyer (JBIMS 2011-13)

...... the time that I spent at Quoin Academy helped me improve my knowledge  ......  gave me immense confidence to face the actual process.

The GD’s at Quoin were a real eye opener as they helped me to overcome my inhibitions while speaking in groups. The wide variety of topics that were covered ensured that the CET Group discussion threw up no surprises. Also the comprehensive PI training that I got at Quoin helped me get 17/17 in CET (PI) which ensured that I got through JBIMS.


Rakesh Tatikonda (JBIMS: 2010-12)

After scoring good enough score in the MHCET written test, i wanted to ensure a good coach for my GD-PI prep. Well aware that GD-PI score could make the distinction of me getting into JBIMS or not, i searched through every available alternative and landed up at Quoin Acdemy. In retrospect, I appreciate my choice for the following reasons:
perfect simulation of the GD-PI experience
well designed GD-PI series encapsulating various current affairs
helpful insights into examiners perspective and marking scheme
overall student development: communication skills, posture, body language, etc
well compiled notes for quick update of general knowledge
these among several other factors imparted to me by Quoin institute has made it possible for me today to live my dream.


Ishita Sharma (JBIMS: 2010-2012)

I had joined Quoin Academy for the CET GDPI preparation sessions. These sessions were really useful as they helped me gain the required confidence to perform well. 

I believe that it is a lifelong association I have built with the academy as Patrick Sir and Rochelle Ma’am happily help me with any career related queries even today !!

Sanket Kulkarni (JBIMS: 2010-11)

Having secured a good score in the written test of CET, GDPI was the next hurdle. It was important to get a good score in that as those 40 marks can make or break your chances to get into JBIMS. With absolutely no prior experience of gds i joined quoin academy putting my faith in Patrick sir who s himself a JB alumnus. Many mock gds and pis were conducted and individual feedback was given. The discussions and inputs from sir also got me abreast of current affairs and gave me points that I could use in my actual gd. The pi sessions gave me confidence and stimulated my thought process to tackle the final interview. I scored 31 on 34 that helped me fulfil my dream of getting into a premier bschool.


Melwyn Mathew (JBIMS: 2010-11)

When it comes to CET GD/PI preparation, you need a coach who watches you personally, observes your personal skills from time to time and gives proper suggestions to improve those skills. The big coaching classes fail miserably on this front. Quoin academy founded by Mr. Patrick Dsouza and Rochelle Dsouza fill in this gap and complete your CET GD/PI preparation. I personally have benefitted greatly from the intensive GD sessions which involved discussions on diverse topics with a variety of suggestions from the coaches, which lead to a steep learning curve. Also, the PI sessions concentrate on improving your body language, tackling difficult questions and suggestions for personality development.


Shasahnk Tambade (JBIMS: 2010-11)

The topics for group discussion in CET are general one. Of all the Group discussion I attended, I came across new subjects, urging me to get myself acquainted with all these subjects. The most important part was one to one feedback which helped me to improve every time. 
I took 2 personal interviews; the live recording gives one a true experience. Both the mentors make one to improvise the answer until one is confident.


Radhika Avhad (JBIMS: 2010-11)

Joining JBIMS was only a dream until I joined Quoin Academy. It was definitely one of the best decisions I took towards cementing my place in one of the best b-schools in the country. The mock GD’s and PI’s conducted under the able guidance of Patrick Sir himself made me feel more confident and equipped me with required skills and strategies to tackle the actual challenge. GD-PI is very crucial as the marks in this round decide the b-school, even for a candidate with an excellent written score. I am proud of my decision to join Quoin, which was instrumental in realizing my dream. The credit goes to the management at Quoin for shaping the careers of their students in the right direction. If you want to choose the right direction, Quoin will show you the way !!!!


Nikhil John (JBIMS: 2010-11)

Patrick Sirs indepth analysis and feedback on every aspect of GDPI for MH-CET helped me immensely.

Harshul Savla (JBIMS: 2010-11)

I took CET to get into JBIMS. CET unlike other exams is a matter of speed and accuracy as well and to achieve both continuous practice and smart solving is essential. Quoin academy helps one with both the personal attention which they shower adds a golden touch to your preparation. 
Sir well analyses the changing paper pattern throughout and these varying patterns are covered in 32 test series. 
My entry into JBIMS is a result of the cumulative effort of attending each and every module, workshop and test series conducted by Quoin


Amrita Dabholkar (JBIMS: 2009-2011)

Couple of years back around the same time I was cautiously awaiting CET results and it was a pleasant outcome to score 99.99 percentile. I could see JB was not far now but there was a major hurdle yet to be crossed which was GD PI. I knew quite a few students who could not make it to JB despite scoring well in written test and I didn’t want to commit any mistake as it could have been fatal hence the search for a good GD PI coaching class started. After visiting quite a few classes when I visited Quoin Academy I instantly felt the difference and decided to join it and it proved to be one of the better decisions. The GD PI training at Quoin differs from others because of its personalized attention each and every student is given a thorough feedback about areas of improvement. You get to sit in the GDs with best of the students which helps in lot of peer learning. As far as PI goes I had multiple rounds of CV preparation and couple of mock PIs with Patrick Sir and Rochelle Ma’am which gave me the confidence before going for actual PI. One more unique thing about Quoin is that GDs and PIs are video recorded and shared with the students it helps in analyzing your performance and identifying your strengths and weaknesses and build upon them.

I think I can go on and on about my experience at Quoin but to summarize I would say GD PI Preparation at Quoin not only gives you an edge over others during your CET GD PI but also helps in your GDs and PIs during Summer placements once you enter the B School.

Mitesh Thakkar (JBIMS: 2009-2011)

Having done reasonably well in my cet written exam the next barrier to cross was the gd/pi stage. But the gd/pi was something new for me since I had never given gd/pi’s before. To add on to the pressure, I had only a little over a month to master the gd/pi format. Today as I look back I feel the decision to join quoin academy was definitely one of the best decisions I took towards cementing my place at Jamnalal Bajaj. Under the able guidance of Patrick sir and Rochelle maam, 15 gd’s and 2 pi’s later I was much more confident and equipped to tackle the cet gd/pi. Besides getting individual feedbacks we also got to know of different strategies that can be used to our advantage in the gd/pi which gave me the extra edge over the competition. At no point in one’s gd/pi preparation will boredom set in because every gd/pi at quoin is a tremendous learning experience in itself. And lastly the support and encouragement one can get at quoin is unmatchable. What more can any cet aspirant ask for? No serious candidate aiming to crack the cet can afford to overlook Quoin. So good luck with the cet preparation. Hope to see you all at the best b-schools of your choice!


Mansi Morajkar (JBIMS 2009-11)

“I had taken the CAT in 2006 where I managed to score a 78 percentile, however this time (CAT’07) my percentile improved by leaps and bounds to reach a 99.34. The single most important factor behind this massive improvement has to be the motivation and the feedback provided by Rochelle madam and Patrick Sir of Quoin classes.

Some of the reasons why the classes are so helpful are:

-  The methods taught in the class makes one think beyond the normal formulae based approach.

-  The course is professional yet each student receives personalized attention.

-   In quoin classes you won’t meet teachers – you will meet mentors.”


Rahul Salvi (JBIMS: 2009-10)

A typical CET aspirant will always approach the written exam with great gusto but loses focus thereafter. On the contrary, the actual game changer is the GD-PI. A correct approach to GD-PI preparations can make all the difference. I was quite fortunate to be acquainted with Quoin Academy right at the very start of my GD-PI preparation. The numerous GD sessions and Patrick Sir s feedbacks have helped me immensely, not only for the CET GD-PI but also in my placement interviews. The video recorded GD-PI sessions gave me a complete view of my actual performance and helped me to iron out my flaws. I would recommend any CET candidate who is serious about his/her career to join Quoin Academy.

Mansi Morajkar (JBIMS: 2009-10)

According to me, the main ingredients for success in the GD/PI process are constant practice, guidance and feedback, all of which I got in Quoin Academy. Apart from this, I also got the opportunity to interact with different people in the mock GD sessions providing me with good practice and confidence to be able to do well in any kind of group in the final process. Throughout my preparation, I was assisted by Patrick Sir, enabling me to do my best on the D-day.


Snehal Mahadik (JBIMS: 2009-10)

The gdpi training at Quoin Academy is very comprehensive. A large variety of topics are covered and adequate training is imparted by Patrick Sir to efficiently tackle different scenarios that might arise in a GD.


Testimonials of Quoin students of the academic year 2013/14

What I liked about Quoin was the personal attention given to each student right from teaching basic quant, verbal and logic to preparing you for GD and PI.

Small batch size is a big plus at Quoin Academy. Flexible lecture timings and location helps, especially working students.

Quoin faculty Patrick and Rochelle Dsouza is available 24x7 to solve all your queries.

Mentorship & Guidance by Patrick and Rochelle Dsouza for GD & PI preparation was the biggest turning point for me and helped me convert all my calls from NMIMS, IMT G, GIM and TAPMI.

     - Vivek Manjarekar (NMIMS) - 2014 -16


I would like to thank Patrick sir and Rochelle mam for helping me and guiding me convert KJ Somaiya.From  the maths point of view where i used to score a mere 23/100 to 80/100 in the qualifying exam they helped me and always guided me with proper guidance and motivation

The shortcut  techniques taught by them were unique and easy to implement thus saving time and energy which is most important in an competitive exam

Not only with the entrance but with the rigorous gdpi training they gave me helped me cracking the last and final barrier for a top bschool thus helping me achieving my dream

Not only the teaching faculty but even the office staff was so good that they always answered my queries and made every way possible arrangement  where i could get all my doubts cleared

Thank a lot both to Quoin Academy

Cheers to Quoin

       - Nikhil Joshi (Cmat 98.52 percentile)

Converted Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research(SIMSR) - Class of 2014-16