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Getting a call needs 99% perspiration….converting it another 99%...

Most of the colleges give calls to a large number of students. The process today is also different from what it was 3 to 5 years back. Each college has their own specific selection criteria and the panel chosen to administer the process and select the students ensures it picks up no one but the best.

At Quoin , the GDPI course is customised keeping students’ needs, requirements, abilities and talents. Each student is guided keeping the calls he or she has received, his/her professional and academic achievements and talents. No two students will get the same feedback because we believe no two students are the same. We believe in individual differences and celebrate it. We understand and help our students recognize their strengths and weaknesses

The course prepares students for

Essay writing

An essay in given and students are asked to write on the issue / topic given. Sometimes, students participate in a GD and then are asked to write an essay on the same topic. Most IIMs prefer an essay today and incorporate in ther selection procedure.

Group Discussion

Group discussion involves discussion of a topic given. A topic is thrown open to a group of students by the panel and students spend time discussing and analysis the topic. The topics could be issues related to politics, social affairs, economics, etc.

Eg: Should capital punishment be awarded to rapists?

India needs better role models in politics.

Case study

A case study is when a scenario is given and the group is asked to discuss the course that must be taken.

Group tasks

Students are given tasks to perform or role plays or case studies to analyse. Symbiosis arranges group tasks and challenges participants to prove their creativity and team skills.

SOP (Statement of Purpose) / Questions in the form

Colleges encourage students to write about their achievements and their need to join the college or the course. The SOP is used by colleges to shortlist students, select them or for the purpose of interview.


Personal interview is a session wherein a panel consisting of either professors from the college, alumni or industry personnel associated with the college interview the  candidate. Sometimes the Director or Dean may also wish to interview candidates shortlisted for the course.

Questions could range from personal to subjects studied to opinion on current affairs.

GDPI @ Quoin Academy

We believe in individual differences and celebrate it. We understand and help our students recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

The students are encouraged to participate in the group discussion knowing the same. We believe in preparation for answers and GD topics. In today’s competitive age, preparation is something which gives an edge over others. The candidate that is usually selected need not be the one that is the best in the lot but the one who is better prepared. When one is prepared, one will be confident, exude a positive body language, and will be appear well aware and well read. When these attributes are expressed, the evaluator assesses the candidate’s need and desire to be selected because of the interest the candidate has shown by his / her preparation. Thus, we encourage our students to prepare well for the topics and for interview questions. To aid the same, we assign homework to our students in the form of topics and probable interview questions. Feedback is an important step in the learning process. We believe that each student is unique and individual feedback must be provided for the same. Thus when we provide feedback, we not only assess the student’s current performance but also compare his performance with that of the past.

Learning is achieved best when all the senses are used. Since feedback is part of the learning process, we use the multi media approach for the same. We provide our students with a video clipping of the group discussions and interviews they have participated in so that they can compare the feedback notes of the evaluator and the video clippings to understand areas of improvement and also use the clippings for future reference.


  • Sessions by alumni of ex panelist of GDPI for top institutes
  • Feedback after each GD on content and personal performance
  • Individual Attention
  • Flexible Batch timings
  • Only 10 to 14 students in a batch.


  • Structured Thinking and use of appropriate words
  • Economic terms required for GD
  • Discussion & inputs related to finance, economics, social & political.
  • Behavioral Interview

Special Features

  • Guidance on Answers for Interview Questions
  • Video CD provided for each GD and PI
  • Flexible Timings

Past Results

  • Training for GDPI process of IIMs for the last 10 years with most years we have had 100% conversion of all IIM calls.
  • All our students who had got calls through CAT/XAT/etc. made it to their dream colleges like XLRI, FMS, SP Jain, etc.
  • Students of Quoin Academy scored highest marks in CET GDPI -- 34/34.


- 4 sessions of GD (8 GDs) or 8 WAT + 1 PI - Rs. 2900

- 6 sessions of GD (12 GDs) or 12 WAT + 2 PIs - Rs. 4100

- 8 sessions of GD (16GDs) or 16 WAT + 2 PIs - Rs. 4900

- 12 sessions of GD (24 GDs) or 24 WAT + 3 PIs - Rs. 6900


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